The gold standard for travel payments

We exist to help travel platforms & marketplaces to process payments and build wildly successful businesses.

We provide travel platforms & marketplaces with:


Leave payments, invoicing and accounting admin to Payyo.


Get a platform that fits your business needs and your industry.


A built in KYC-Process, +30 accepted currencies as well as competitive and transparent rates help your business to grow.

Process payments without the hassle

  • Accept money and pay out to your merchants at the best rates.
  • Expand internationally. When you want to reach a new market and accept new currencies, Payyo has your back.
  • Simplify your reporting and accounting with one single tool.

Risk management, tailored for travel

We know the ins and outs of marketplaces and SaaS platforms, especially in travel. We’re not scared of risk management for these, as some other providers are.

Payyo is designed for holding funds, split payouts, and other common practices for you and your merchants.

Compliance made easy

  • Know Your Customer (KYC): We provide a built-in KYC process for all of your merchants.
  • Security: Payyo is a PCI III compliant payment service.

Our commitment

We’re committed to being the gold standard for travel payments.

With our support, we help travel marketplaces and SaaS solutions to increase their margins and drive success.

Trusted By

Dennis Klett

CEO of Lodgify, the all-in-one SaaS solution for vacation rental owners

“Payyo helps us to empower our customers to accept all kinds of payments, no matter where they are in the world and at competitive credit card rates.”

Olan O’Sullivan

CEO of TrekkSoft,the booking software for tours and activities

“Payyo understands the travel industry and continually brings new innovations to market that add value to our clients, such as additional payment methods and insurances products. We see our relationship as a true partnership.”

More Features

Payment Method

Get a custom-fit payment solution for you and your merchants. Build a business that’s optimized for profit at every touch point.

Risk Management

Our deep knowledge of travel, your business, and your merchants allows us to find the ideal balance between acceptance and fraud prevention.


You need a payment partner that is compliant and helps you to tick all the boxes on your side. Payyo has you covered.

Is Payyo a fit for your business?

Get in touch now to talk to our team.

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