Tick all the boxes for compliance

Leave the on-boarding and KYC process to us and use your time to grow your business.

Secure for you

We provide a built-in KYC process to verify all merchants and prevent merchant fraud.

Secure for merchants

To minimize fraud, Payyo flags, monitors and disputes transactions on your behalf.

Secure for end customers

Payyo is enabled by SIX/Wordline and Stripe, all PCI II compliant payment services.


Know Your Customer

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is a legal requirement to comply with financial services.

This also helps to prevent fraudulent merchants from abusing platform, creating a safer environment.

To adhere to KYC obligations, we collect and maintain information of all merchants that process payments via Payyo. We do this through a user-friendly, built-in KYC process that merchants need to complete before receiving payouts.

Ready for KYC

Sole traders and registered companies are welcome

Our KYC process will only ask for the necessary information depending on whether the merchant is a sole trader or a registered company.

We make it simple and easy for your clients to start receiving payouts with Payyo.

Our commitment

We’re committed to being the gold standard for platform & marketplace payments in the travel & leisure industry.

We help our clients to increase their margins and drive success. Payyo is built on partnerships. When you grow, we grow.

More Features

Payment Method

Get a custom-fit payment solution for you. Build a business that’s optimized for profit at every touch point.

Risk Management

Our deep knowledge of your industry and business helps to find the ideal balance between acceptance and fraud prevention.

Is Payyo a fit for your business?

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