The highest standard for payments in the leisure and tourism industry

We are existing to support platforms and marketplaces with their payments and success for companies.

We support platforms & marketplaces with:


Leave payments, invoicing and accounting management to us.


Get a platform that fits your company and your industry.


An own KYC process, more than 30 accepted currencies and competitive & transparent costs help you grow your business.


Process payments smoothly

  • Accept payments and make payouts to your merchants at the best rates.
  • Expand your international business. If you want to open up new markets and accept new currencies, we at Payyo are happy to help you.
  • Simplify your reporting and accounting with a single product.
Risk management

Risk management, tailor-made for the tourism and travel industry

We are experts for platforms and marketplaces, especially in the leisure and tourism industry. We are not afraid of their risk management. Payyo was created to hold funds, split payouts and includes other features for you and your merchants.


Compliance made easy

  • Know Your Customer (KYC): We have our own KYC process available to all your merchants.
  • Security: Payyo is a PCI I compliant payment service.

Our promise

We are committed to being the highest standard for online payments from platforms and market places in the leisure and tourism industry.

We help our customers to increase their profit margin and be more successful. Payyo is based on partnership.

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Payment method

You will receive a customized payment solution for you and your merchants. Create a company that is revenue optimized in all aspects.

Risk management

Our knowledge of the industry helps to strike a balance between payment acceptance and fraud prevention.


Do you need a payment partner that complies with legal standards and covers all necessary points? Then Payyo is exactly the right thing for you.

Is Payyo suitable for your company?

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