Tailored risk management

We know the ins and outs of marketplaces & platforms in the travel & leisure industry. Our knowledge of common practices allows us to find the ideal balance between acceptance and fraud prevention.


Our priority is security for integrators, merchants, and your end customers. Fraud can affect every aspect of your business; it’s our job to keep it secure.

We understand your industry

Some of your business’s practices and requirements may lead to confused looks from other payment providers. But Payyo understands your business and industry.

Maximal acceptance, minimal fraud

Our deep understanding of your business and the travel & leisure landscape allows us to find the ideal balance between acceptance and fraud prevention.


Industry-specific risk evaluation

Some genuine transactions through your marketplace or platform may look like fraud to an untrained eye. Payyo is built around a deep industry understanding to let the right payments through.

Our goal is to increase your margins while keeping you secure.

your business

We look out for your business

With our compliance practices and risk evaluation of transactions, we’re always looking out for you.

We know what fraud looks like for businesses like yours, and do our best to help you prevent it. We’re always fine-tuning our fraud detection mechanisms to quickly pick up on threats.

Our commitment

We’re committed to being the gold standard for platform & marketplace payments in the travel & leisure industry.

We help our clients to increase their margins and drive success. Payyo is built on partnerships. When you grow, we grow.

More Features

Payment Method

Get a custom-fit payment solution for you. Build a business that’s optimized for profit at every touch point.


You need a payment partner that is compliant and helps you to meet all requirements. Payyo has you covered.

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