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Payyo understands your business and where you want to go next. Receive a custom-fit payment solution and build an infrastructure that’s optimized for profit.

Payment Methods

Accepted currencies




Payment Methods

We offer a customized and fully integrated solution.


  • Responsive: Our solution seamlessly integrates with your website
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC): Allow your users to choose between their own currency or the transaction currency.
  • Have more than ten different payment methods at your disposal.

Say yes to all major payment methods

Accept all major debit and credit cards, as well as payments via Alipay, Apple Pay, iDeal,
SEPA Direct Debit and other preferred methods for your customers.


Accepted Currencies

We offer a wide range of currencies accepted that will help you to expand your business.

  • Optimize your margin
  • Work with us to access the best rates in the market.


No more manual or irregular payouts.

Select the preferred payout cycle and they will be automatically released by us.



With the Payyo dashboard, our integrators and merchants know how their business is performing at a glance. See which channels are bringing you most revenue and use the insights to adjust your strategy.

Our commitment

We’re committed to being the gold standard for platform & marketplace payments in the travel & leisure industry.

We help our clients to increase their margins and drive success. Payyo is built on partnerships. When you grow, we grow.

Take advantage of a wide variety of available currencies

Accept all major currencies from your customers. Payyo pays out to you in more than 30 different currencies (more on request):

More Features

Risk Management

Our deep knowledge of your industry and business allows us to find the ideal balance between acceptance and fraud prevention.


Payyo meets the highest standards of Know Your Customer (KYC). Each merchant is carefully reviewed for your security and to meet all legal requirements.

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