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Our company, who we are

Who we are

Payyo is the payment partner for travel marketplaces and SaaS solutions. In 2017, TrekkSoft wanted to streamline the booking experience for its merchants and end customers, but couldn’t find a payment solution that truly understood the tours & activities industry.

So we decided to use our industry experience to build our own payment company, first called TrekkPay. With the work of three developers and two admin employees, our first transaction went through on March 22nd 2017. We became Payyo in June 2018.

Since 2017, our company has expanded to integrate with other merchants, including Lodgify and DigiTickets.

Our commitment is to be the gold standard for travel payments, providing a level of quality and service that SaaS platforms cannot get anywhere else.

Each integration is a project for us: we pride ourselves on our customized approach, and build a solution for each customer that’s designed to increase their margin. Payyo has a distributed team across Zurich, Dublin, Stuttgart, Minsk and Interlaken.

Our Values


A partnership you can’t get elsewhere to help you increase your overall profit margins.

Provide the gold standard

The best solution for travel marketplaces and SaaS solutions on the market.


Every integration with Payyo is unique. We adapt our solutions and add-ons to your business.


We want to make your life easier and your business run smoother. Simple as that.

Our experienced team

Mathias Graf

Managing Director

Fernando Estevez

Director of Operations

Scott Cornick

Operations Manager

Keeoma Fischer

Account Manager

Philippe Gerber

Head of Development

Dmitri Savchenko


Alexander Bakurin


Elad Cohen


Kron Ramiqi

Finance Controller

Ianis Schenkel

Intern General Operations

Liliana Coelho

Customer Success Manager

Marcus Cravalho


Maria Jose Figueora

Account Manager

Is Payyo a fit for your business?

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