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Payyo is the ideal payment solution for platforms and marketplaces in the travel & leisure industry. Your industry is our home ground, and we understand what’s important for your business.


Payyo preferred payment service provider

Payyo allows tour and activity companies to accept payments and issue refunds online. It was created for the travel & leisure industry and does not consider tour and activity businesses to be high-risk.

We also offer the points as follows:

  • - No setup fees
  • - No support fees
  • - No KYC fees
  • - No risk fees

    Why Payyo

    Your transaction fees and commission will be one of the most competitive rates on the market.

    We can enable automatic split payments and accounting, including commissions, if your business works with several partners and resellers.

    You will receive your payouts credited to your business bank account automatically based on your payout cycle.

    Enjoy free management of any disputes or chargebacks. If you need to issue a refund to a customer, Payyo will liaise with the banks on your behalf at no additional cost.

    Avoid buyer fraud with Payyo. We will monitor payments to your business and block potential frauds for high volume transactions.

    Work with a dedicated account manager to oversee your Payyo transactions. Our goal is to grow together with you and your business.

    Ready to scale your business?

    Payyo is the payment specialist for your marketplace, SaaS and booking platform.

    Say yes to all major payment methods

    Collect payments in all major currencies. Receive their payouts in more than 30 available currencies (more on request).

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