The TOMAS (TouristDataShop AG) Story

“With Payyo, we have found a pragmatic and flexible partner.”

The TOMAS (TouristDataShop AG) Story

Statement from Guido Jungen about Payyo:

“ With Payyo, we have found a pragmatic and flexible partner”

Who or what is TOMAS (TouristDataShop AG)?

TOMAS® (Touristic Online Management System) has been successfully used by destinations and cities in Switzerland and Germany since 2003.

Hello Guido, nice to meet you today. Thank you for your time. Can you tell us a little bit of the background of TOMAS (TouristDataShop AG) and how you describe the business model?

TOMAS® is a destination management system for the distribution of accommodation services, experiences, city tours, packages, etc. With the integrated channel management modules for accommodations (, Airbnb, etc.) and experiences (GetYourGuide, Viator, etc.), new sales opportunities open up for destinations/cities and, of course, especially for service providers.

You are one of the partners of Payyo! How does the cooperation work?

The cooperation works very well. With Payyo, we have found a pragmatic and flexible partner. The interaction between Payyo-Datatrans-TOMAS® works very well. The business model is transparent and fair.

What challenges did you face before working with Payyo?

Before, it was very difficult for the destinations/cities to get fair acquirer contracts. Tourism with its partly complicated structures (associations, cooperatives, intermediary businesses etc.) often seems to be no longer very welcome by big companies.

What is your experience with Payyo since you started?

A prerequisite of TOMAS® was the integration via the payment service provider Datatrans. This was successfully completed and in the meantime, we have converted many destinations in Switzerland to Payyo.

How would you and your team rate the integration process with Payyo?

As I said, pragmatic and flexible 😊.

How is Payyo involved/integrated into your daily business with your activity partners?

At the end of every booking there is a payment. Whether the booking is made online via the destination's website, in the back office or at the counter. Payyo always plays a very important role.

Which advantages have you seen so far with Payyo?

Payyo responds to the wishes and questions of its customers. Online payments are paid out in one transfer, which also makes life easier for accounting departments. Reports and statistics support the customers in the control and reconciliation of payments. The KYC process is completely in order and is also digitized accordingly. Payyo's business model is transparent and fair.

To whom would you most likely recommend the integration with Payyo?

All tourism players with online payments - from vacation rental owners to a destination with their own marketplace.

Guido, thank you for your time! We are pleased about the steadily growing cooperation with TOMAS® . Thank you for growing with us!

Is Payyo a fit for your business?

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