The Waldhart Story

"The integration process has been excellent!"

The Waldhart Story

Statement from Hannes Waldhart about Payyo

"The integration process with Payyo has been excellent! We were able to achieve all our goals in a short time, i.e. after two seasons. During this period we’ve made suggestions for improvements which Payyo has already been able to implement to a large extent. They are always open for suggestions."

What is Waldhart Software?

Waldhart Software is a software company specialized in ski schools and outdoor companies with more than 20 years of experience in the development of customized software solutions. Since 2018 Waldhart Software has been one of Payyo's first customers and valued partners. As an integration solution they use our HPP. This means that the customer is redirected to a page on Payyo's servers where the payment information is collected and processed. After a successful payment authorization, the customer is redirected to the Waldhart software platform.

Our questions to the managing director of Waldhart Software

Hannes Waldhart answers a few questions about the background of Waldhart Software and their decision to integrate with Payyo.

1. Hello Hannes, nice to meet you today. Thanks for your time. Can you tell us a little bit of the background of Waldhart software?

Our motivation is to show our enthusiasm for physical activities in the nature of our mountains, especially in winter when you can go skiing. As a partner of ski schools we support them in sales, administration and marketing. We map best practice experiences in our software and provide them to the ski schools as tools. The ski schools can then concentrate on what they love to do and do best: teaching their customers how to ski with lots of fun.

2. You are one of the early partners of Payyo! How does the cooperation work?

We were looking for a partner for whom we were important enough to respond individually to the needs of our industry. Payyo offered itself and helped us a lot with the implementation in our online shop. We first tested Payyo as another payment partner with a few individual customers and after a year we decided to switch all customers to Payyo.

3. What challenges did you face before working with Payyo?

Of course Payyo was happy about our project and supported us as much as possible. Some of our customers were sceptical about switching to a new payment partner, as they were satisfied with their former partner. But we knew that in the long run it would be an extreme time and cost saving for us to not have to maintain ten different interfaces, but only one. We negotiated good conditions with Payyo that were acceptable for all customers and made the change within a period of two years. The verification process was of course time-consuming, but we got routine and supported our customers in all questions.

4. What is your experience with Payyo after two seasons?

The most important thing for everyone involved is that the payment is processed accurately and that it works without issues. In the Payyo backend all transactions can be tracked with their current status. The verification process as well as the KYC procedure works perfectly. Payyo has also proven to be a reliable partner during COVID-19. To handle the high amount of refunds was not easy for all parties involved, but everything worked without problems. Of course there have been some requests for improvement during these two years. Payyo has been open and has already implemented many of them.

5. How would you rate the integration process with Payyo?

We were able to achieve all our goals in working with Payyo in a short time. We think the process was excellent.

6. How is Payyo integrated into your daily business with your dealers, the ski schools?

Every booking in the online shop goes through the same phases. The customer informs himself on the website or in the online shop, puts the services in the shopping cart, checks out and is forwarded to the Payyo payment page. There she/he enters her/his credit card data, the account balance and some other checks are done and we get the confirmation in the shop that the payment was processed. We can send all confirmations to the customer and the booking is successfully completed.

7. Which advantages have you seen so far with Payyo?

Due to necessary updates and changes which happen regularly with payment, we would have had to convert ten different payment interfaces which would have been an enormous effort for us. Without a guarantee that everything requires to be changed all over again in a few years. The switch to Payyo has made this step easier for us in the long-term. People know each other well and enjoy working together. This is a great advantage for our employees and for our customers. Of course we pass on the cost and efficiency advantages to our customers and don’t charge them in addition. Our ski schools have many advantages due to the numerous online bookings and will continue to profit from the trend.

Many thanks to Hannes for the honest conversation and the exchange, it was a pleasure for us!

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